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The embassy attestation services offered by Helpline Group can help you soar heights with minimal budget and maximum efficiency. Once your application has been submitted to the embassy attestation for attestation and legalization the concerned officials will verify the authenticity of the furnished documents. Hence it is really important that your application has been filled as per the guidelines prescribed. Such things can trick you a bit if you are an amateur so that to rely on a professional agency catering embassy attestation services would be a better choice. Educational certificate attestation requires the attestations viz, Notary Certificate attestation, Home Department Attestation, attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs, Bahrain Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. School leaving certificate, diploma/degree certificates and other certificates acknowledging your educational qualification requires attestation from the concerned authorities. Non-educational certificates generally refer to certificates that are personal in nature. Birth, Death and Marriage certificates are some among them. Indian Embassy Marriage Certificate Attestation is one of the most demanded attestation services that we have been approached for. The considerable rise in the expatriate population to Bahrain along with their spouses is the reason behind the high demand for Indian Embassy Marriage Certificate Attestation services. The procedures are the same as the above. This certificate attestation is intended to prove the service period of an employee in a particular organization. The procedure begins with the attestation from the chamber of commerce and then goes for the attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ends with the embassy attestation from the concerned embassy. Embassy attestation can provide the details of the employee, his service period, salary, duties and responsibilities to the organization etc. The procedures are almost similar to the above. It is also known as a migration certificate. The embassy attestation is generally issued to an applicant who wishes to change the current organization (usually an educational institution) and move to another. It can be after the completion of the current course or even in the midst of it. The embassy attestation of a country is assigned the task of ensuring immigrant welfare and services. The embassy attestation can attest or legalize the documents and certificates of its citizens which can serve as proof of their credentials. It can help the immigrants gain Employment visas, Family Visa, Student Visa and also find better opportunities abroad by proving their identity, qualifications, experience and many more. For any Embassy attestation related services, Helpline Group would be more than happy to help you. 

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