Heavy Lift Helicopter VH-LUE

Heavy Lift Helicopter VH-LUE is a Bell UH-1H Huey. This ex-military helicopter operates in the “Restricted” category, meaning it is not available for passenger charter, but can be used for Fire Fighting work or helicopter crane operations. The Huey is used extensively to carry out heavy lifting construction jobs year-round as well as assisting with aerial fire suppression work during bushfires or back burning operations with the RFS. This heavy lift helicopter is supported with a helicopter maintenance support vehicle and a qualified engineer to ensure the helicopter runs to its full capacity at all times.

Specifications of UH 1H

Required Crew: 1

Cruise Speed: 100kt

Fuel Capacity: 750L

Fuel Consumption: 340L/hr

Endurance: 2hr

Range: 400km

Max. Take-off Weight: 4,318kg

Max. Take-off Weight with External Load: 4,318kg

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