“The A&P”- Double Kettlebell Complex Workout For Fat Loss

Double Kettlebell Complex Workout For Fat Loss: The A&P, Day 1
Looking for a double kettlebell complex workout for fat loss? The A&P, Day 1 is great for burning fat, boosting your conditioning, and even packing on some lean muscle tissue (if your nutrition is right).
The “A” is for Anterior – as in Anterior Chain – your flexor group, especially your abs. The “P” is for Posterior – as in Posterior Chain – your extensor muscle group, especially your hips and hamstrings. (Ok, upper back too). Today’s complex will put the hurt on your anterior chain if you get the kettlebell size right.
Remember to keep your abs pressurized – they’ll most likely “feel the love” after the Push Presses.
This double kettlebell complex for burning fat is one of four days – Anterior, Day 1 – inside a program called, “The A&P,” a double kettlebell complex workout program. It’s designed primarily for fat loss AND building lean muscle.

Here are today’s workout details:
Double Kettlebell Press x30 seconds
Double Kettlebell Front Squat x30 seconds
Double Kettlebell Push Press x30 seconds
Men: Use 16kg-24kg
Women: Use 8kg-16kg
2 to 4 rounds
Rest: Beginner – As necessary; Advanced – W:R=1:2-3
*Work: Rest = 1:2-3 means time how long it takes you to do this kettlebell complex. Then rest 2X-3X as long. Example: It takes you 1 minute to perform. Rest 2 to 3minutes before doing your next set.
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