Nepal is a country with rich and diverse natural landscapes, making it a paradise for flying drones and small UAVs for both enthusiasts and professionals, it is compulsory to take a drone permit in Nepal. For filmmakers planning to film in Nepal, bringing a drone is essential as it provides opportunities for unique moments, stunning backdrops, and unexpected POVs and camera angles. In this land of mountains, rivers, and temples, UAV-based filming will allow you to capture both the magnitude of nature and the insignificance of man, both separately and in a single frame.

Flying UAVs and drones for filming in Nepal is allowed legally by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), under the Nepal drone permit laws. It is important for filmmakers to follow the procedure outlined by CAAN and get an appropriate drone permit in Nepal based on the purpose, location, and drone / UAV type. Drone permit for film in Nepal is a necessity for enthusiast and professional filmmakers,

For casual filmmakers and small film crews using amateur or semi-professional UAV equipment (within 2 kgs), there are various things you need to consider before getting your Nepal drone permit:

  • Evaluate if your drone meets the security standards of the airline or the airport in your nation
  • Check whether your drone is equipped with any dangerous materials that do not meet transport requirements (such as high voltage batteries that might need additional clarification during airport security checks)
  • Search and examine the particular regulations of your airline on traveling with a drone
  • Also, make sure you are familiar with the Nepali drone legislation and other regulations before you get your Nepal drone permit

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