Significance Of the Nine Forms Of Goddess

Navratri is one of the most anticipated festivals in India. Women usually celebrate this festival to seek well-being and vitality for themselves along with their family members. Devi Navratri is celebrated and makes the most matriarchal festival to worship Goddess Parvati in 9 avatars of Durga Devi

The name Navratri special denotes 9 nights of worshipping 9 forms of Durga Devi. The night offers rest and rejuvenation for the human body to have a deep sleep for themselves to feel refreshed for the next day; during Navratri time of the year when people devote their 9 Nights to Durga Devi for them to set themselves apart from negative feelings and evil doings(karma). This indeed gives them a sense of spiritual well-being. Devotees indulge in activities during these 9 days of Navratri, such as fasting, meditation, chanting prayers, and worshipping Goddess Parvati. 

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